I had the great honor of being trained under Marie Sigismondi. Thirteen years later I think of her often, whether it be while I am using some techniques she taught me or one of her many formulating tricks I learned  while under her wing. She is such a great teacher. She led me not only with her vast knowledge, but also her heart. It was truly a gift to be taught by someone who is so passionate about her trade......Jasmine Lopez,

                      I spent the most influential years of my career training alongside Marie. To this day, 14 years later, I still think about her and how much I owe her for giving me such a strong foundation. Because Marie was willing to take me on as an assistant and pass along her sound color techniques, I found success and confidence as a hairstylist. I will never forget watching her capable hands foil a highlight or her ability to formulate color perfectly. I will never forget the way the clients would relax in confidence under her care or the energy she brought to the salon. If given the opportunity, I would jump at the chance to work with Marie again, maybe some day I'd be so lucky......Jody Zellinsky, Spruce Salon, Redwood City, CA

                   I have  known , Marie Sigismondi for over a decade. Without a doubt, her ability to pass on her expert knowledge of color and attention to detail is second to none. Marie has trained me as well as many top colorist in NYC. She is privy to the most innovative of products and techniques, as well as comprehensively knowledgeable of time-honored principles of hair coloring...Joshua Dieffenbacher, Edris Salon, NYC, NY